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WELCOME ABOARD!  4140.57'N  8248.36'W

This site was last updated on 4/3/2014

Go straight to the NEWS page to check out all the changes to the website.

Check out the last Grapevine issue. April 2014

4/3/14 - April 2014 issue of the Grapevine added.

3/25/14 - Dock Policy and Dock Rates updated. There are no rate changes however Fridays are now considered part of the weekend as they relate to day dock rates.
3/20/14 - Commodore's Cruise info updated.

2/9/14 - LandCruise 2014 photos added to the Photo Album.
                 - Events updated.

1/29/14 - 2014 Dock Holders List updated.
                 - Dock Waiting List updated.
1/26/14 - LandCruise 2014 details added.
                 - June Cruise info updated.
                 - July Cruise info updated.
                 - 2014 Dock Holders List updated.
                 - Dock Waiting List updated.
1/14/14 - Southern LandCruise information page added and Events updated.
                 - IOBG-MBIYC Chapter page added with information on fundraiser for International meeting to be held in Cleveland this fall.

Special Fundraiser underway for the International Order of the Blue Gavel

See the IOBG-MBIYC page for details!

MBIYC Member created sites

Site Description URL
Facebook - Fans of MBIYC http://www.facebook.com/groups/151291081567477/
Shutterfly - MBIYC Pictures and Videos http://mbiyc.shutterfly.com
YouTube - MBIYC 2012 Slide Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNTa6opRh8s&feature=share

Download the MBIYC Member Dock Reservation Form

The Clubhouse AND Marina is closed for the season. The Club will reopen in April 2014.

See you next year!

MBIYC BoatUS Cooperative Group # GA82778Y

Current House Policy Last Revised 5/26/2013

Security Key Card Procedures Last Revised 3/13/2012
Current Dock Policy Last Revised11/11/2012
Current Dock Rates Last Revised 6/11/2009
Membership Applications Last Revised

MBIYC Calendar of Events

When What Where
April 26, 2014 Opening Day MBIYC
May 3, 2014 Derby Day Race Party MBIYC


419-341-1576 MBIYC Dock Master Cell Number

dockmaster@mbiyc.com MBIYC Dock Master E-Mail Address

        Dockholders must call or email the dockmaster prior to noon on Wednesdays to reserve their dock for the weekend.

Reservations for MBIYC Members can be called in to the Dock Master at the cell number or emailed to dockmaster@mbiyc.com.
If leaving a voicemail or sending an email, please make sure you receive confirmation from the dockmaster. If you do not receive a reply in a reasonable time, call or email again. Your reservation is NOT confirmed until you receive confirmation.

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